"It's never too early for a child to start learning another language."

Marjolaine Dieu, French Teacher.

meet the brights

The Brights are our intrepid, travelling family. Little Tom and baby Elsa spend every summer travelling around Europe in Clive, their curmudgeonly camper van! Mum, Dad and Grandpa Joe also go along for the ride.

Tom and Elsa have lots of adventures on their travels, and make new animal friends like Georgie the Gecko! You and your child will be introduced to different members of the Bright family in some of the songs we sing in class. You’ll also spot them here on the website, and eventually we plan to produce a series of books and DVDs all about their adventures.

Your child will love getting to know Tom, Elsa and all the family, and learning all the new words they encounter on their travels.

Tom Bright

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m 6 years old. I love running, playing on my trampoline and tickling my little sister! Also I like making friends with animals everywhere we go. The very best thing about travelling is all the yummy food – especially my favourites – pizza and ice cream!

Elsa Bright

My little sister Elsa is only one year old, which means she is still a baby, although Mummy says she is a little monkey too! Elsa likes to crawl all over the place, and her favourite thing to do is empty everything out of the drawers. She loves making a mess!

Grandpa Joe

Grandpa Joe is the best grandpa ever! He loves travelling round with Mummy, Daddy, Elsa and me. He is my Mummy’s Daddy, and he tells us lots of stories about the funny things she did when she was my age. Grandpa loves having fun and is always on the lookout for a new adventure!

Georgie the Gecko

Georgie is a little, green gecko. We met him on our travels and no matter where we go, Georgie is never far away! He is a little bit shy, but he loves music and singing, and now he’s used to us, we’ve become his bestest friends.

Clive The Camper Van

Our camper van takes us travelling around lots of countries. His name is Clive and he’s a bit grumpy, but we love him. Sometimes I think he would rather stay at home than go travelling, but he always gets involved in our adventures!

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